This is the moment to visit your ideal home and the region.

A big investment does not have to entail big worries. That is why we are happy to take you on a viewing trip to Spain. That way you can discover your new home from the first row.

Before we actually leave for Spain, we like to invite you for a cosy chat. This way we get to know you and we know exactly which projects suit you.

Together we will set a date and then the work is done for you. The only thing we expect of you is that you enjoy this experience to the fullest. 

The viewing trip

Besides visiting the projects that meet your expectations, we also discover the region for the first time. On the programme: nice places, beautiful parks, good restaurants, but also pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.

We also make the less pleasant things for you. On the spot, we work together with notaries and lawyers who have your best interests at heart. Do you wish to speak to the builder? We can also arrange that for you. This way you get the right information and you can make your decision with a good feeling.

At the end of this mini-holiday, you will undoubtedly feel completely at home here.

Go on a trip with us